Scholarships for Members

Paul Carr, Francis Heaney & Phil Edge Scholarships

The Police Association is proud to offer 25 members the opportunity to participate in the University of Melbourne's Employment Relations Professional Development Program in the honour of three inspirational Police Association representatives who worked tirelessly for the Association and its members.

Paul Carr

Paul was a widely respected and admired member who passed away in May 2003 while climbing Cho Oyu in Tibet, one of the world's highest mountains, as he prepared to climb Mt Everest.  He had served 25 years with the force and had been a member of the Executive for approximately four years.  

Francis Heaney  

Inspector Francis Heaney was The Police Association's first president.  He was elected to the position on June 27, 1917.  His term in office was cut short with his untimely death of a heart attack in October of that year.  

Phil Edge

Phil Edge was a member of The Police Association for the duration of his 30-year policing career.  He was President of the Association from 1985 to 1987, and worked full-time at the Association as our Occupational Health & Safety and Welfare officer from 1986 to 1994. 


Anna Stewart Memorial Project

Anna Stewart was a trade unionist who worked in the Victorian Trade Union movement from 1974 until her untimely death in 1983.  Her work within the trade union movement led to a re-evaluation of the rights of female labour. Many women gained strength and confidence from her example of combining the difficult task of motherhood with a career. 

The Anna Stewart Memorial Project provides a female member of the Association with the opportunity to learn more about their union.  The project provides the chance to gain first hand experience of how The Police Association operates on a daily basis through on the job training, and is run for a period of 2 weeks twice a year. The project is co-ordinated by the Victorian Trades Hall Council. 


2012 course dates will be posted up soon.