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Update Your Details

Does your personal information need updating?

Make sure your personal information is current at TPAV so that should you or your loved one need support, we know how to help.  

We all experience changes in our personal lives, but many members forget to update their `Beneficiaries Information' when their circumstances change.  

This information is used by TPAV to support your family in the event of your death. 

As a member, you are entitled to receive a Death Benefit of $11,000 is payable to the member’s nominated beneficiary. Similarly, upon the death of a member’s spouse (or de facto partner) or dependent child, a benefit of $5,500 is payable to the member.

A member or member’s spouse who suffers a stillbirth, where the period of gestation is 20 weeks or more, is eligible for a benefit payment of $1,250.

Make sure that your family is properly recorded on your beneficiary record. 

To update your beneficiary information; 

  1. Print off a beneficiary form and complete it.
  2. Ensure it is witnessed and; 
  3. Return to TPAV by post or email. 

Death Beneficiary Form 

Can you also please ensure that all your personal details are up to date too. Below are links for personal information and for your work information. 

Personal Details

Work Details

This is to help us ensure that relevant correspondence is sent to the correct address and that we have the correct contact details to reach out to you.

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