Our approach to OH&S

Rather than to expect members to adapt to unsafe conditions, the way the Association approaches health and safety is to try and modify the workplace and / or any unsafe processes so that hazards or risks are removed 'at the source'. 

This is an approach that is endorsed by the new Occupational Health and Safety Act (Victoria) 2004.
Occupational Health & Safety should be managed proactively using the following approach:

1.       Anticipate the kind of risks members will face in the performance of their duties  

2.       Plan safety into all operations

3.       Modify the workplace to suit members

4.       Incorporate safety in the designs of all police buildings, vehicles and equipment

5.       Zero-tolerance of injuries that occur within police controlled workplaces;     
6.       True and meaningful consultation on all occupational health and safety matters

7.       Control hazards at their source

8.       Continuous improvement in health and safety standards.