Username: Your registered number (with no vp prefix) Password: Your D.O.B. (ddmmyyyy)

Website/Smartphone App login information for members (25/12)

It has come to our attention that some members are still unsure of what login information to use when accessing the website and/or our new TPAV ASSIST smartphone app that will be available from next week.

We have created a short list outlining what login information is required when accessing these platforms;

Sworn Police Officers

Username: Use your 5-digit registered number (i.e. 12345 ā€“ no ā€˜VPā€™ prefix) to login

Password: Defaulted to your date of birth (ddmmyyyy)

Police Recruits

Username: You will need to use your full VPT number including the dash (i.e. VPT1020-0410) until the point you graduate. When you graduate you will receive another email from us detailing your new login information. Until you receive this email from the Association continue to use your recruit information to login.

Password: Defaulted to your date of birth (ddmmyyyy)


Username: Use your 5-digit PS number (i.e. PS123) to login

Password: Defaulted to your date of birth (ddmmyyyy)


You will need to know this information if you wish to access member only areas of the TPAV website and/or our new smartphone application, TPAV ASSIST. If you do not know your login information, or you need your password reset back to your date of birth, contact the Association at






Download PDF of this InBrief (25/12)



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