Fair Work Commission decides on the use of PDAs (22/13)

In an InBrief published last month (14/13 of July 17), The Police Association reported that it had lodged a formal dispute notification with the industrial umpire, Fair Work Australia regarding the use of Professional Development Assessments (PDAs).

In particular, this dispute challenged a policy adopted by the Victoria Police Force requiring members to attach their two latest PDAs entries with their application for a promotion or transfer.

The Police Association has always maintained that PDAs were never introduced for this purpose. Our clear understanding was that PDAs would only be used to address under-performance or to confirm a member’s eligibility for incremental salary progression.

It was on this basis that this matter was referred to Fair Work for determination.

After hearing submissions from both parties, the Fair Work Commission, in a statement released on 23 August 2013, considered it “reasonable that applicants for promotion or transfer have their last two PDAs considered in the selection process.”

Members can view the Fair Work Commission’s full statement on this matter HERE.



Download PDF of this InBrief (22/13)