Annual leave loading payment (17/13)

The Enterprise Bargaining Agreement provides for members to receive their annual leave loading in one lump sum payment. This year’s payment will be credited to members’ bank account next Thursday August 8.

Members can view the payment they can expect to receive on our website – click here to view.

Leave loading is calculated on the first 152 hours (4 weeks) of annual leave and is based on 17.5 per cent of their base rate of pay as at 1 July. Members should note that their ‘base rate’ is less than their ‘ordinary rate’ as it does not include the commuted penalty component that forms part of a member’s ordinary pay rate.

For members at the rank of Inspector and below, the leave loading payment is calculated at 17.5 per cent of their base rate of pay pertaining to their rank and increment. For Superintendents and above, this payment is calculated at 17.5 per cent of the base rate of pay pertaining to Superintendent Increment 1.

Members should be aware that absences due to leave without pay, purchased leave and part-time arrangements may have an impact on leave loading.

Police Recruits are also entitled to leave loading, although it is paid when their leave is taken rather than in a lump sum. Payment is calculated on 17.5 per cent of a Recruit’s base pay rate. Recruits do not however accrue 152 hours since they are only Recruits for part of the year.

Further information

If you have not received your annual leave loading payment or the amount does not appear correct, please contact our Industrial Relations Section for advice on (03) 9468 2600.



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