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Single Officer Patrol Review - Survey (31/13)

For several weeks, The Police Association has been consulted in relation to a review of Single Officer Patrols currently being conducted by the Victoria Police Force.

This review follows a number of incidents involving members working alone in recent times in Victoria and interstate, where the practice has also come under increasing scrutiny.

As part of this review, which is being overseen by Commander Terry Purton, members will be invited to submit their views about Single Officer or ‘one-up’ patrols via an employee survey, which we expect will be launched on the Victoria Police Force’s intranet site in the coming days.

The Police Association has reviewed the survey instrument and has no concerns with its content.

Moreover, we’re satisfied that this survey has been designed to ensure that all our members can have a say on this important issue and that the views conveyed will contribute to shaping any policies relating to Single Officer Patrols in the future.

The Police Association endorses this review and strongly encourages members to take the time to complete this survey.



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