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New Police Registration and Services Board commences 1 July (07/13)

As we foreshadowed to members in March last year, the Victorian Parliament has amended the Police Regulation Act to establish the new Police Registration and Services Board (PRSB) from July 1 this year.

New appeal rules for non-selection for transfers and promotion

The Review division of the PRSB, which also comes into effect on this date, will replace the current Police Appeals Board and will oversee a new and more streamlined process for appeals relating to the non-selection for transfers and promotions.

Some of the advantages of this process include;

  • Reducing the average duration of an appeal from more than two months to just ten days.
  • Appeals will be heard on the merits of the original application with no appeal brief required.
  • A reduction in the time taken to fill vacancies

We strongly recommend that members familiarise themselves with the new appeal rules that will operate under this new body from 1 July by viewing details on our website – Simply click HERE to view.

More broadly, the introduction of the PRSB will, for the first time, confer professional status to police officers by creating a ‘police profession register’ - an Australian first!

As other Australian states and territories adopt the same model, this will, in time have a number of practical benefits for members in the future. 

In the meantime, the new PRSB will from 1 July, oversee a new streamlined appeals regime for non-selection for transfers and promotions. 

We urge you to familiarise yourself with these new rules as soon as possible, as all vacancies in the Police Gazette from 20 May 2013 will be subject to the new appeal provisions.




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