PSO Uniform (26/13)

The Police Association is aware of an instruction issued by the Victoria Police Force that PSOs are to cease wearing the ‘salute blue’ shirts and short sleeved IOEV undergarment and to revert to the white shirt traditionally worn by PSOs.

While the Association acknowledges the right of the Force to issue instructions concerning the colour of shirts members are directed to wear, we feel that their decision in this instance has been made in an ill-considered manner.

Their announcement on Friday has been made without any assessment of the adequacy of the white uniform. For example no white undergarments are available for wearing with the IOEV.

Where the Force requires members to wear a particular uniform, it is incumbent on them to provide adequate quantities of the uniform items to each member and ensure that the items are ‘fit for purpose’.

While it’s important that PSOs are recognisable to the public, the stated rationale in this instance, is, however, unfounded and is confused by allowing members to continue to wear the long sleeve IOEV undergarment in ‘salute blue’ in colder weather.

The Police Association has written to the Force urging that Friday’s instruction be placed on hold until such time as it can provide members with an adequate alternative issue uniform.

We will keep PSO members updated in relation to this issue.

Bruce McKenzie

Assistant Secretary

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