TPAV to conduct series of workplace visits

The Police Association will be conducting a series of more than 100 workplace meetings across the state between 11 April and 16 June, inclusive.

The main purpose of our visits will be to informally engage with our membership about the enterprise bargaining process.

While the next enterprise bargaining round is not due to formally commence until 2019, our view is that it’s never too early to start planning.

Given that the current EBA is now more than a year and a half into its existence, we intend to take the opportunity at these meetings to obtain your feedback about what your thoughts are of how the current agreement is working.

We also want you to tell us if there are any working conditions you would like to see improve in the next bargaining round and/or identify any issues that are unique to your local area that you would like us to address.

These visits will also provide an opportunity for us to inform our newer members - who may not have previously been part of an EB – about the process and what it involves. Please click here to find out when your local meeting is taking place.

It is intended that the early feedback we receive from these meetings will assist us to start formulating our 2019 EBA claim.

Around three days prior to each meeting, we will also be sending a localised text message, containing the date and time, to remind and invite members to attend.

Wayne Gatt

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