Members now have the right to appeal rejected Commuted Overtime Allowance claims

Members who have had a claim for the payment of a Commuted Overtime Allowance rejected by Victoria Police can now seek a review of such decisions after an appeals process was agreed between The Police Association and Victoria Police.

As members will be aware, the Association has been actively pursuing claims made by many members, for payment of the commuted overtime allowance in accordance with recommendations handed down by the Fair Work Commission in 2015.

The claims have come from members performing investigative work as Tactical Intelligence Officers as well as members at Criminal Investigation Units, Crime Reduction Tasking Units, Divisional Intelligence Units, Divisional Tasking Units, Family Violence Units, Divisional Response Units and Sexual Offences and Criminal Investigation Teams.

A number of claims from the abovementioned areas have been rejected in the first instance.

The appeal process will involve members submitting their rejected claim(s) to a tri-parte panel consisting of a representative from Victoria Police, The Police Association and an independent chair.

Members will be afforded an opportunity to appear before the panel to speak in favour of their claim and explain why they believe it should not have been rejected in the first instance. The decision of the panel will be binding.

It’s expected that the panel will commence reviewing claims on an ongoing basis from the week commencing 24 April, 2017.

Members will be contacted by Victoria Police after their application for review has been received to arrange a suitable hearing date.

In order to invoke your right of appeal you need to complete the relevant pro-forma (which you can access by clicking here) and email to Victoria Police at the following address - by 19 April 2017.

Your application for review should include a copy of your original claim and any documentation you have received detailing why your claim was not approved.

If your claim for Commuted Overtime Allowance has been rejected and you have not received an email from Victoria Police advising you are eligible to access the appeals process, you should advise the Victoria Police Employee Relations Department by email at

Wayne Gatt

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