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Police Association welcomes reforms to combat ramming

The Police Association welcomes yesterday’s commitment by the Government to strengthen laws relating to the ramming of police vehicles.

We also laud the bipartisan political support the Association has received for our campaign to better protect our members from the scourge of rammings via legislative change.

We have long said that the punitive outcome for these offences needs to better reflect the disgust with which the community holds acts of violence against police.

The fact that our voice on this critical issue has been heard by both sides of politics is particularly pleasing. We now look forward to seeing these commitments made law in the very near future.

The 312 rammings that have occurred since 2015 have been 312 crimes against the community. It’s not only our officers who get hurt, it’s also the community’s right to feel safe.

We look forward to returning to a time when the term ‘police ramming’ was cause for shock and disbelief, not a headline in the newspaper every three days.

IBAC Inquiry

The Police Association has recently made a detailed submission to a Parliamentary inquiry that is reviewing the external oversight and investigation of police corruption and misconduct by the Independent Broad-Based Anti- Corruption Commission (IBAC).

Unfortunately, there are numerous voices in our community who are prepared to stand in judgement of the actions of our members, with little appreciation of the myriad considerations that confront police in the course of their duty.

This is one of the reasons why the Association has provided the Parliamentary Inquiry with a detailed submission outlining how we believe police oversight should be improved, rather than totally revamped.

It is absolutely essential that the largest and most impacted group of stakeholders when it comes to this issue – our members – have an equal say to counteract other voices who will inevitably be arguing the opposite.

Any system or oversight of police investigation process must be transparent and effective, but fairness and balance are just as important.

Our members are more accountable than they have ever been. If the discipline and oversight process is overhauled, the stress our members inevitably suffer through the mechanisms of the current drawn-out, punitive and somewhat oppressive complaints process, requires acknowledgement and consideration by our law-makers.

Another key point we have emphasised in our submission (among other recommendations) is that we are entirely unconvinced that the present system is failing. Indeed, our research indicates that the IBAC, in its current form and within its current authority, is achieving its statutory objectives.

That said, and as we’ve made clear in our submission, we believe the Inquiry should consider reviewing areas of the IBAC Act that have provided for significant and undue angst and concern amongst our membership. We will keep members updated of any developments in relation to this issue.

The importance on working together on mental health

Today, Victoria Police launched its Mental Health Strategy and Wellbeing Action Plan 2017 – 2020.

The strategy is a detailed roadmap aimed at achieving improved mental health outcomes for our members which the Police Association supports and has contributed towards.

Just as we saw with the creation of the equipt smartphone app, only good outcomes for members follow when TPAV and Victoria Police work together towards wellbeing improvements.

We will continue to look for new ways to jointly focus on improving the health and wellbeing of our members and remind members.

We remind members who have not already done so to download the equipt app and to book free ticket to see one of Dr Gilmartin’s five presentations in October. Venue and booking details are on our website –

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Wayne Gatt

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