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Part-day Meal Claims

Since the negotiation of the current Enterprise Agreement the application of the `part-day meal absence’ for members unable to return to their usual workplace or place or places of duty for a meal has been a matter in dispute.

The dispute that had arisen related to the meaning of ‘usual place or places of duty’. Victoria Police has previously advocated that the divisional van could constitute a usual place of duty.

On 11 July, following a dispute raised by TPAV, Fair Work clarified the operation of the part- day meal claim (clause 79 of our Agreement) for members. Fair work determined that;

  • A usual place of work must be a police building or other government building. A divisional van is not a place of work for this purpose.
  • The part-day meal allowance, is applicable to members in cases where they are unable to return and have not been provided with a meal in advance, or had arrangements made to enable them to access meal storage and preparation facilities.
  • A meal should not be taken in the first or last hour of the shift.
  • Managers will support members to take a meal.

Victoria Police and TPAV will develop guidelines to support this outcome and access their meal claim entitlements in these circumstances.

We are pleased with this outcome, one that in our view represents a fair and common-sense outcome for our members.

Wayne Gatt

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