The memory of our fallen members must never be forgotten

Members today may read media reports questioning the veracity of evidence put to the Courts in the matter of convicted police murderer, Jason Roberts, who is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of two of our fallen members, Sergeant Gary Silk and Senior Constable Rodney Miller.

We know that for many of our members, these memories still cause pain and trauma.

The Association’s view on this matter is clear and we have just released a statement to the media. It says:

“This matter has been to trial and two subsequent appeals. Mr Roberts was convicted beyond reasonable doubt by a jury. His sentence and conviction were upheld on appeal by independent Supreme and High Court judges.

“We understand that in spite of reports today, this matter will not be referred to the Court of Appeal by the Attorney-General.

“In making his decision the Attorney-General has stated that he took submissions from a variety of expert sources considering the vast body of evidence accumulated by a number of experienced investigators.

“Due process has been adhered to and Mr Roberts’ conviction will stand.

“People can have their views, but due process has been followed to its end point. Our members’ wellbeing is our main concern at this time. This was a terrible incident, one of the most shocking crimes committed against serving police officers in living memory.

“These events are etched in the memory of Victorian Police members. The emotional toll on victims, family, friends and colleagues of our two murdered members, Sergeant Gary Silk and Senior Constable Rodney Miller have been drawn-out and traumatic.”

We will continue to support the fine efforts of the many members whose tireless work brought the criminals responsible for the murder of our fallen colleagues to justice. Their work, and the memory of our members, Gary Silk and Rodney Miller should never be forgotten.

Members are reminded that they can access OPTUM our confidential 24/7 Member Assistance Program on 1300 361 008 for support.

Wayne Gatt