Road Policing Survey – Results

Members attached to Highway Patrol units and Road Policing Command would recall having completed a survey conducted by The Police Association back in May.

The purpose of the survey was to gauge members’ views on the most effective model to achieve a greater level of safety on our roads and a reduction in the road toll.

The views and opinions expressed by the 400 plus members who completed the survey have been compiled by the Police Association into a research report which has been since been submitted to Victoria Police to be considered as part of its external review of the current road policing service delivery model.

The results of the survey indicated that members wanted a change in the direction of road policing.

The most glaring finding was that less than one in ten members surveyed believed the current service delivery model was providing the best possible road safety benefits.

By contrast, 62 per cent of members believed a centralised road safety policing model would be very or somewhat effective in in supporting the Toward Zero campaign.

A common criticism of the current divisional-based system included the regularity with which members are re-assigned to general duties to fill gaps in resourcing.

Overall, respondents suggested that substandard resourcing and a lack of prioritisation of road policing work were curtailing road safety efforts across the state.

It is clear from the information gathered from members that one of the ways Victoria Police can help our members reduce road trauma is to support them with a more road policing focused structure that continues to have regard for the importance of the local knowledge and intelligence used by members on the ground.

More than two-thirds of respondents described current resourcing as inadequate or highly inadequate, with 61 per cent identifying the need for additional members to cover minimal staffing levels.

There were also calls for the modernisation of equipment to suit current needs and challenges and for increases in vehicles and motorcycles for regional road safety policing members

Many road policing members surveyed believed a centralised service delivery model would allow members to be more visible on the road and increase patrols to deter criminal behaviour, while also engaging in targeted enforcement.

Another nominated benefit of a centralised model was to better establish a road policing career path.

Of the 38 per cent who believed the current divisional model was more effective, many believed a centralised model would be to the detriment of ‘local knowledge, local issues and local control’ fostered within the current model.

According to nearly two-thirds of members surveyed, Road Policing Command would be the best equipped authority to lead a centralised road policing model.

Our road policing members are passionate about the role they play in preventing death on our roads and enforcing the law to help achieve the goals set out in the Toward Zero campaign.

It is very positive to see Road Policing Command engaging with The Police Association and our members to identify issues that may be impacting service delivery and promote a stronger Road Policing model.

Members are invited to view the full report compiled by The Police Association by clicking here

Family Violence Leave

Members will recall that one of the many defining features of the current EB agreement which took effect in December 2015, was the introduction of 10 days paid leave per annum for members impacted by family violence, with provision to take additional time in appropriate circumstances.

Victoria Police has recently finalised their policy on its application of this entitlement which we’d encourage members to read in the updated Victoria Police Manual.

The Police Association is very proud of this achievement as it exceeds general community standards including provisions that apply in the broader public sector.

OC Mark 9 Foam – Replacement Stock

The Police Association was recently informed by members that replacement stock for Mark 9 OC Foam has been hampered by recent flammability concerns identified during product testing in Australia.

Since this issue was identified, The Association has had close contact with Victoria Police who we are assured are taking steps to ensure continued supply of OC products for our members.

Stations will soon be asked to confirm their supply of OC Foam and The Association will continue to work with Victoria Police in the short term to ensure a suitable strategy is put in place to mitigate supply concerns.

As members are aware, The Association has been discussing with Victoria Police the need to look at alternatives to current small streamer and foam canisters supplied to members. This work will continue and we will keep members posted in relation to any outcomes achieved.

TPAV / Mantra Group Partnership

We advise that the promotional code Police Association members need to use to access the exclusive 20 percent discount when booking hotel accommodation through the Mantra Group chain of hotels has changed.

The new promotional code can be found here on the member-only page on our website by clicking here.

We’re pleased to report that many members have been taking advantage of our partnership with the Mantra Hotel Group since launching last year.

Members are entitled to receive an exclusive 20 percent discount when they book accommodation at any one of the Mantra Group’s 125+ hotels across Australia and NZ under the Mantra, Peppers and Breakfree brands.

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Wayne Gatt