EBA pay rise from 1 July

Effective from this Saturday, July 1, all members will receive an increase in their base salary, allowances and shift penalties.

This will be the third such increase under the current Enterprise Bargaining Agreement since it came to effect in December 2015. Following this rise, members will receive two further pay increases under the current agreement – the next rise in July 2018 and then in July 2019.

From the middle of next week, our online salary and shift penalties calculator will be updated so you can check to see what these latest increases mean for you personally.

In accordance with The Police Association’s Constitution, this salary increase will trigger a small rise of 42 cents per week to members’ Police Association subscriptions. This rise will take effect from Thursday July 6 - the first police pay date after the July 1 pay increase comes into effect.

This small rise will enable your Association us to continue providing the best possible service and benefits to our 15,000 members (and growing).

Members are reminded that 100 percent of all Police Association subscriptions paid during the 2016/17 financial year are tax deductable.

Members will soon be emailed a Tax Statement from the Association to enable members to claim this deduction as part of their tax return.

Enhanced wellbeing-related benefits for members from 1 July

In addition to members receiving a pay rise, we’re also pleased to announce that from July 1, a range of the Association’s wellbeing-related benefits will be enhanced to better assist members and their families who are experiencing difficult times.

From this date, the death benefit payable to members upon losing their spouse or child will increase by $1,500 to $7,000, while the benefit payable to members in the event of a still born child will rise by $500 to $2,000.

Members eligible for a Sickness Benefit payment (because they cannot work owing to illness or injury and have run out of sick leave and ineligible for workers compensation) will, from July 1, see an increase to their weekly benefit by $250 to $750.

Members who meet the criteria for a one-off payment to assist them during times of extreme financial adversity will, from July 1, receive a maximum of $10,000, up from $5,000.

In order for these improved member benefits to remain sustainable for our growing membership in the long term and to keep up with the cost of living, it is necessary to impose a small rise of an additional 50 cents per week to members’ Association subscriptions. This is the first time in nearly 10 years that this component of members’ subs will rise to fund our extensive array of wellbeing-related benefits. It is always our intention to keep such rises to a minimum for long as possible.

If you wish to find out more about our range of wellbeing-related benefits and services (or should you wish to access them), please speak to the Police Association’s Wellbeing Section on (03) 9468 2600.

Tax time

With the end of the financial year about to come to an end, members will soon be turning their minds to lodging their 2016/17 tax return.

Members should be aware that they can access useful information published by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) about work-related deductions that are specifically relevant for police officers.

Simply click here to access this information from the ATO’s website.

Notice of Annual General Meetings

Members are advised of the following forthcoming Annual General Meetings scheduled for Wednesday 13th of September 2017 at the Pullman Melbourne, 65 Queens Road, Albert Park.

Meeting times:

11.30am – AGM of the VPA Friendly Society

11.45am – AGM of the Victoria Police Branch of the Police Federation of Australia

12.00pm – AGM of The Police Association Victoria

Wayne Gatt