Yesterday’s police incident at Brighton

As members will appreciate, The Police Association has received a number of calls and emails since late yesterday enquiring about the members injured in yesterday’s police incident at Brighton.

Last night we visited our members in hospital to speak with them, their family and their colleagues.

We’re pleased to report that while their injures were significant, these injuries were not life-threatening.

We intend to maintain close contact with the members directly impacted by yesterday’s events, their families and colleagues.

The families of our injured colleagues have expressed appreciation for the many messages of support that have been conveyed to them at this difficult time.

We recognise that these events are confronting for our members and serve to highlight the risks our members face every day.

We are very pleased with the support that Victoria Police has shown our members in relation to this incident and we continue to remain in close contact with Executive Command so that we all continue to provide the best possible welfare and support for our members.

If you have been impacted either directly or indirectly by yesterday’s events, please don’t hesitate to call OPTUM, The Police Association’s free, confidential 24-hour assistance hotline on 1300 361 008.

Alternatively, please contact Victoria Police welfare on 9247 3344 for access to 24-hour psychological services.

Wayne Gatt