New PSO powers welcomed

The Police Association has today welcomed today’s announcement by the Victorian Government that it will be introducing legislation in the parliament this week that will expand the range of powers which Transit PSO members are able to exercise.

These include the power to arrest those who have breached their parole, the ability to conduct searches for illicit drugs, and request names and addresses from offenders and witnesses. PSO members will also be able to respond to incidents at, or in the vicinity of, the train station they are patrolling.

Based on the extensive feedback received from PSO members over a long period of time, The Police Association has been proud to have played an active and constructive role in our engagement with government in shaping these proposed changes.

Transit PSOs have for some time expressed a high level of frustration, particularly in situations where they have felt hamstrung by a lack of powers at their disposal. We’re confident that these proposed changes will go some way to changing this situation.

Some of the other powers PSOs will be given as part of the package of reforms announced today will also include;

Naturally, we will await the normal process to take its course once the proposed new laws are introduced into the Parliament this week. We will encourage Parliamentarians from all parties to support these amendments to ensure they are passed and implemented as soon as possible.

We take this opportunity to thank our PSO delegates, assistant delegates and members for their regular feedback, which has enabled our effective engagement with the government on this important issue.

Reminder: safety survey for members working 251 shifts

Members working 251 shifts are reminded that that are invited to take part in a confidential 30-second online survey designed for the Association to pursue safer work practices for these members.

In responding to this survey you will provide us with valuable information to quantify the extent of this issue, and allow us to pursue safer work practices on behalf of our frontline members.

This survey will remain open until 5pm on Monday 29 May 2017

Wayne Gatt