Username: Your registered number (with no vp prefix) Password: Your D.O.B. (ddmmyyyy)

Recruit Apps

Make sure you download our official TPAV app and equipt, a wellbeing app designed specifically for police and PSOs.

With our TPAV app, you can stay up to date with all our news, videos and special promotions. 

equipt is a app that we co-designed with Victoria Police and the Victorian Government to support your wellbeing.

For new recruits, you will need to use your VPT number as a login and your date of birth as a password. 

Your VPT will also need to include the squad number you are in and the financial year. 

An example would be: VPT####-SSYY

#### = Recruit/Trainee number

SS = Squad number

YY = Financial Year 

Eg. VPT0638-1317

An email may have been sent to you alongisde a text message to remind you of the VPT login code.






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