TPAV wins campaign to put ‘Rammers in the Slammer’!

The Police Association’s long-running campaign to end the scourge of police vehicles being rammed has taken a major step forward today with the Victorian government announcing its intention to create new offences and harsher penalties for criminals found guilty of this behaviour.

It has been a priority of The Police Association to drive the push for, and to help frame legislative reform on this issue to help better protect you, our members.

This legislation will make it easier for police to bring charges against offenders who try to take police on by driving at our members, or into their vehicles. Simply using a vehicle to place a member at risk is the threshold required to trigger the new offences.

Those convicted of intentionally driving at a police officer will now face a maximum jail term of 20 years. Those who do so recklessly will face up to 10 years behind bars. An additional offence of damaging a police vehicle with a five-year jail term will also be created and can be used simultaneously as a stand-alone offence.

These charges and penalties apply irrespective of whether any injury was sustained in the act of ramming.

Adult offenders charged in circumstances connected with other indictable offences (including the new offence of damaging a police vehicle), or when in a stolen car, will have to receive a custodial sentence.

Sentences will be cumulative and if a member is intentionally injured in a ramming, this will trigger a two-year minimum.

There will be a presumption against bail for people committing these new offences.

Those found guilty of the above offences will have their licences cancelled and be disqualified from driving. Their vehicles may also be impounded or seized.

These changes have only been brought about by the willingness of you, our members, to share your experiences on this issue. They have shaped our advocacy and underpinned our ability to campaign publicly and work closely with the government and with Victoria Police on measures to better protect you.

Members are invited to view a short video explaining the new laws by clicking here

Have your say about your uniform

Do you have an opinion about your police-issue uniform?

Please feel welcome to share your thoughts with us on a completely confidential and anonymous basis in an online survey which The Police Association is launching today on this very issue.

Based on feedback from a growing number of members about their uniform, The Police Association is currently examining the design and functionality of all police- issue uniform items, including pants.

It is our intention to use the information you share with us in this survey (which we’ve designed based on member feedback), to identify and advocate areas for improvement with Victoria Police so that such advancements can be achieved for members.

Members have the next three weeks to complete the survey (closes Wed 22 November), which can be done online, anywhere, anytime. It should take around 15- 20 minutes to complete.

The information you share in this survey will help us in our efforts to bring about improvements to the design and functionality of your uniform. We therefore encourage you to complete the survey when you can.

You can jump on the survey here

Pat Hunter Memorial Program – Applications open

Applications are now open for the next intake of the members wishing to participate in the Pat Hunter Memorial Program that will run in the fortnight of 3 March to 16 March 2018, inclusive.

The Pat Hunter Program is a Police Association initiative aimed at encouraging female members seeking to further their involvement in the Association with a view to assisting all fellow members.

For further information and application details, please click here

Wayne Gatt