Potential asbestos exposure in the workplace

Yesterday, The Police Association was made aware by Victoria Police of the presence of traces of asbestos at the former Footscray Flower Markets site on Footscray road.

This site has been used previously by certain specialist units as a training facility.

In light of this information, we have been provided with assurances that relevant areas of this site have been secured by Victoria Police and that no further access is permitted.

We have also been assured by Victoria Police that safety protocols and procedures are being followed as we seek to better understand the level of risk to members and to conduct further testing at the site.

Meantime, The Police Association strongly recommends all members who have previously worked or trained on this site record their potential exposure on an Asbestos Register developed by our legal team at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.

It’s always a good idea to document any potential asbestos exposure in case you develop an asbestos-related disease later in life. Maurice Blackburn’s free National Asbestos Register is a convenient way to do this – a service that is available to our members.

Recording these details, regardless of how recently or long ago the exposure took place, can help any future claims for compensation you may need to make in the future. Registration is obligation-free. Click to register now

We also recommend that members who have worked at the former Footscray Flower Markets site register their details with Victoria Police’s Health and Safety Department.

Delegate election ballots

Members will be aware that elections are currently underway for all 59 Association Delegate Positions, including around 30 ballots in those areas of representation where multiple candidates have nominated for election.

We urge all members who have recently received an email inviting them to cast their vote for their preferred candidate to do so before the November 13 closing date.

Wayne Gatt