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Dr Gilmartin: Victorian Tour 2017

We thank all members who have booked tickets to attend one of five presentations being conducted by Dr Gilmartin over the next several days, commencing tomorrow.

We remind all members who have booked to attend this important event that you bring your ticket. If you attend without a ticket, we would ask that you please ensure you have appropriate identification to prove you’re a serving member.

We hope that members who attend enjoy the presentation and that you (with family member/s attending with you) derive much benefit from the information and coping strategies presented by Dr Gilmartin.

Election for Executive vacancy

Members are invited to nominate to fill a casual vacancy currently on The Police Association Executive Committee.

To find out more about the nomination process and what you need to do to formally nominate to fill this vacancy please click HERE

Members encouraged to participate in Mental Health Prevalence Study

From later this month all members will be invited to take part in the Victoria Police Mental Health and Wellbeing Prevalence study. The Police Association encourages members to participate.

This study fulfils Recommendation 1 from last year’s landmark Mental Health Review, which noted that Victoria Police currently has little data on the mental health symptoms and conditions impacting its employees, or about its organisational psychological safety climate.

As a result, the Mental Health and Wellbeing Prevalence study has been developed to obtain accurate data on the prevalence of mental health conditions, symptoms, help-seeking, stigma, and support options in Victoria Police.

By participating in the study, you will be helping Victoria Police establish a baseline to measure changes in members’ mental health and wellbeing and to develop future initiatives that can meet the organisation’s needs.

You are strongly encouraged to participate in the study. The Police Association has been assured that members’ participation in this important study will be completely voluntary and anonymous.

Members will also be given the option of completing the study at any time, either during or outside working hours. It should take only 15-20 minutes to complete.

Later this month, all members will receive an email with a hyperlink to the survey instrument which will be accessible from any device.

Wayne Gatt

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