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Police should be judged on the facts, not on emotion

Today, amateur video was released to various media outlets in relation to an incident where police and PSOs were required to intervene in a situation where a young person was allegedly endangering his own safety and that of others at the Bendigo railway station last Friday night.

Unfortunately, the criticism levelled towards our members arising from this video from some sections of the media and the public was as unfair as it was predictable.

When our members are called to incidents like this the community expect them to act appropriately and decisively in order to maintain public safety, which is exactly what occurred.

Police work is dangerous and incredibly challenging, and our members must always act to protect themselves and the community. In this situation, police successfully resolved the matter without injury to any person.

It is very easy to judge the actions of our police and PSOs with the benefit of hindsight. However, they never have this luxury and are required to respond with limited information, at a moment’s notice and deal with difficult incidents as they evolve.

According to witness reports, the critics in this instance have not considered what had taken place before the video started capturing the vision of the young person being restrained.

Members are invited to listen to a radio interview given by Police Association Secretary, Wayne Gatt in relation to this incident, as well as accounts from a witness who described the behaviour of the young person before the video was taken (Click link below – Part 1).

The supportive reaction from the public is also very encouraging and shows that emotion should never get in the way of the facts (Click link below – Part 2).

The audio link is in two parts –


Part 1


Part 2

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